Saturday, 6 August 2011

Do You Know What You Desire?

Time passes you by, quick, silent, and often unnoticed...

And as you're faced with so many questions, so many worries, and so many thoughts about the future,

You ask yourself,

What do you really want in the future? Or from the future?

Do you want to be happy, or rich?

Do you want a secure job, or a joyous family?

Do you know what you want to become? Or who you want to become?

If yes,
Do you know how to achieve what you desire?

Life is full of questions, full of problems to be solved in order to reach the " next level", in order to succeed.
It is a continuous process of hard work, a battle with all its many obstacles...

But one thing you must ask,
Is it worth it?
Does it matter if you get good grades and a profitable job?

Does it matter if you spend hours worrying about the future?
Or are you wasting your time and missing the little things in the present that might matter so much in the future?
Will you wake up one day regretting time spent on things that didn't matter in the end?
Will you miss dreaming while you're busy thinking about fulfilling your dream?
Will you deny your heart what it desires because of what your mind wants?
Or will you realise when to get up, and walk away...
And just follow what you want to do, what you love doing, and what your heart would want you to do?

Life is short, don't waste it doing the things you don't want to do,
Caring about people not worth caring about,
And worrying about what could have been.

Maybe's are always gonna exist,
Possibilities too,
But in the end it's your feelings that matter.

Nothing is more important than what you feel and what your heart desires.


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