Monday, 8 August 2011

Life Without Music

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if music didn't exist?
What would it be like, if there wasn't a tune or a melody, to go along with all life's many events?
What would it be like if there weren't any lyrics, meaningful words that so often put forth feelings that so many of us are unable to express?
Have you ever really thought about the value that lies in a song? 
Have you ever considered a song as more than merely a song?
Think about it...

Music plays perhaps one of the most important parts of our lives, knowingly or unknowingly.
A song, a tune, a melody, has hidden capabilities...something you won't necessarily realize until you sit back and think about it.
How many times have you felt like you just wanted to forget it all and let go, relax, and maybe dance? Did you ever think about what gave you the possibility to fullfill that desire? Music did.
How many times have you felt low, sad, and upset with the world outside, wanting to speak your mind but being unable to because of the circumstances surrounding you, yet wanting to somehow know that you are not alone? What helped you through it? Music did.

It's the melody, or the lyrics of a song, that can help you through all these different phases of your life, both the ups and downs, the happy as well as the sad times. 
Do you remember the song that played just before your mum put you to sleep at night? 
Do you remember the song that played when you had your first date? 
Or the song that played during your high school prom?
Do you remember the song you listened to when you had your first heartbreak?
Do you ever listen to a song and realize how it describes exactly how you feel?
Do you ever listen to a song and know exactly of whom it reminds you? 

You might have not thought about it earlier, but if you sit back, and think about all the many moments in your life, starting from the most insignificant ones to life altering events, you will realize the significant impact music has had on each of those moments.
I believe that you can find music everywhere in life, without even looking for it...
And sometimes, music finds you when you most need it to...
Music stimulates the mind, relaxes the heart, and nurtures the soul. It is the source of expression for many people around the world, and puts together things you could have not done alone.
The ability of a song, written by someone else whom you don't know, and who doesn't know you, to touch you in ways you would have never though possible is incredible. It makes you feel like you are not alone, and that someone somewhere out there feels the same...
"Music allows us to feel nearly or possibly all emotions that we experience in our lives"  (Galindo, 2003) - a statement true in every sense of the word, applicable not only to listening, but even to composing and playing music.

The joys that music brings to your life are endless. Never underestimate it's value... 
Appreciate it, absorb it, and allow it to add colour to your life...
Music matters, and music will allow you to make your life matter...
So open your heart and mind to music, and you will soon find the music in your life...
Let music find you, and give it a chance to heal you, to please you, and to comfort you...
There is nothing music can't make better, even if only for a brief moment...
And sometimes a brief moment of happiness and comfort is all you need to keep you moving on...


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Do You Know What You Desire?

Time passes you by, quick, silent, and often unnoticed...

And as you're faced with so many questions, so many worries, and so many thoughts about the future,

You ask yourself,

What do you really want in the future? Or from the future?

Do you want to be happy, or rich?

Do you want a secure job, or a joyous family?

Do you know what you want to become? Or who you want to become?

If yes,
Do you know how to achieve what you desire?

Life is full of questions, full of problems to be solved in order to reach the " next level", in order to succeed.
It is a continuous process of hard work, a battle with all its many obstacles...

But one thing you must ask,
Is it worth it?
Does it matter if you get good grades and a profitable job?

Does it matter if you spend hours worrying about the future?
Or are you wasting your time and missing the little things in the present that might matter so much in the future?
Will you wake up one day regretting time spent on things that didn't matter in the end?
Will you miss dreaming while you're busy thinking about fulfilling your dream?
Will you deny your heart what it desires because of what your mind wants?
Or will you realise when to get up, and walk away...
And just follow what you want to do, what you love doing, and what your heart would want you to do?

Life is short, don't waste it doing the things you don't want to do,
Caring about people not worth caring about,
And worrying about what could have been.

Maybe's are always gonna exist,
Possibilities too,
But in the end it's your feelings that matter.

Nothing is more important than what you feel and what your heart desires.